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The valuations are based on the ANEVAR Standards (representing the International Valuation Standards IVS , supplemented by the ANEVAR Recommendations concerning the valuation practice).
The National Association of the Appraisers from Romania – ANEVAR – has been established in 1992 as professional, profitless, non-governmental independent organization acting for the best public interest (circumstance confirmed by the obtaining of the public utility statute) which facilitates the valuation methods and techniques by specific means.
ANEVAR members have been performing their activity observing the valuation standards since 1995 and since 2003 they have been replaced with the International Valuation Standards (issued by IVSC – International Valuation Standard Committee, with its office in London, UN body)
Starting on January 1, 2004 the International Valuation Standards issued by IVSC have been enacted as national valuation standards.
As a result of the professional improvement system for its members, as well as due to the facilitation of the national, European and international standards, and of the Code of professional conduct, the activity of ANEVAR is acknowledged by many Romanian organizations (government and non-government profile associations) requesting that the valuation reports shall observe ANEVAR standards and its recommendations.

- The European Group of Valuers Association (TEGoVA)
- The Management Board of International Valuation Standard Committee (IVSC)
- The Management Board of the World Association of Valuators Organizations (WAVO).

The intrinsic valuation of the real estates is a study which goes for:
• the real estate type, the background of valuation contracting, the main parameters influencing the value, the legal appearances, the real estate financing issues, the rights to be valued
• setting out the purpose and usage of the valuation
• the real estate within the context of the real estate market and of the influencing parameters upon the value from this point of view
• survey of the best usage
• implementation of the best valuation methods
• result survey, drawing up of conclusions concerning the final value and editing the valuation report

* Starting from January 1, 2004 the Managing Council and ANEVAR National Conference enacted the International Valuation Standards, the sixth edition, 2003, published by the International Valuation Standards Committee, as compulsory valuation standards to all ANEVAR members.

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