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Bufnea Ovidiu Eugen, ANEVAR member with ID 10496 (graduate of ANEVAR post-graduate specific courses for real valuations), having the profession of engineer, graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics from Galati, class of 1991, do hereby certify the following principles of co-operation:

• performance of the appraiser profession in a manner that shall never harm the beneficiary’s interests; the statements within the valuation reports shall be in compliance with the technical documentation and with the information made available by the Beneficiary as well as with the findings of the site visits.
• Under the ANEVAR Professional ethics, the valuation report is confidential both for the appraiser and the Beneficiary and the appraiser shall not accept any liability towards any third parties with respect to this report.
• Under the ANEVAR Professional ethics, the valuation report shall not be published, either completely or partially, without the consent of both the Beneficiary and the appraiser.
• The appraiser shall send forward within the valuation report each survey and shall estimate the amounts in total disinterestedness.
• The surveys, judgments and conclusions within the valuation report shall be made strictly meeting the requirements of ANEVAR STANDARDS.
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